Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Having an issue with your XFINITY Internet service? Read this article to learn how you can use the XFINITY My Account app on your mobile device to troubleshoot or request a call back from a Comcast agent for further assistance.

Device Self-Help Information and Troubleshooting Guides

You can access self-help information and troubleshooting guides for other XFINITY services as well. The XFINITY My Account app can be used to troubleshoot XFINITY TV issues or to troubleshoot XFINITY Voice issues.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. You will be asked to identify the problem.
  2. After selecting the item to troubleshoot, the app will run diagnostics. The app will initiate account-, service- and device-level checks.
  3. Based on the check, it will present options to correct whatever issues are occurring.
  4. You can reset modems, fix entitlement issues, be alerted when outages are resolved and more.
  5. The app will ask if the problem has been fixed.
  6. If the problem has not been fixed, please see the Troubleshooting – Request Assistance section for more options.

Common Problems & Solutions

Tapping Common Problems & Solutions will also allow you to see FAQs related to XFINITY Internet service.

Data Usage Meter (Select Markets)

Your data usage summary appears under the image(s) of your device(s) on the XFINITY Internet screen. Tap the arrow in line with a device to view its individual screen.

Tap anywhere on the displayed data usage summary to view your Data Usage History.

Here’s an example of the Data Usage History screen:

Here’s an example of the Data Usage History screen with overages and charges:

Restart Device

Tap Restart Device to restart your modem.

After selecting Restart Device, you will see this screen: “We’re checking your connections… Just a moment.”

Your signal strength will display.

If the signal strength is poor the following screen will display with options to Learn More, Test WiFi Signal Strength or Restart Device. Tapping on Learn More will display WiFi performance improvement tips.

If your signal strength is great you will be presented with the option to restart your device.

Once we’ve sent a signal to your device, you will see this screen: “We’ve sent a signal to restart your device. Please wait 5 minutes. Did restarting your modem fix your internet?” Tap Yes or No.

Selecting Yes will display an on-screen message stating: “Glad to hear it all worked out!” with a green confirmation check-mark:

Selecting No will display the following on-screen options: View related FAQs, Request a Callback or Tweet @ComcastCares.

Admin Tool to Secure Your Wireless Network

Protect your wireless home network from unwanted outside users, viruses and other threats.If you are an XFINITY xFi user, please refer to the xFi section.


If you leave your wireless network unprotected, other people can use your Internet connection, access files on your computers, and even find out private information like passwords and credit card numbers.

What is the Admin Tool used for?
If you have a wireless gateway, you can customize your wireless gateway settings to fit how you use the Internet and your network. Changes you make while using the Admin Tool can only be made when you are on a device that is connected to your wireless gateway.

How can I access the Admin Tool?
From a computer or device connected to the wireless gateway, open an Internet browser and access the Admin Tool at You can customize settings including:

  • Your WiFi network name (sometimes called an SSID)
  • Your WiFi password (sometimes called a network key)
  • Your network settings, including your firewall and open/closed ports
  • Parental Controls

Logging in to the Admin Tool allows you to view or change your home network settings. Every wireless gateway comes with the same default Admin Tool username and password. Therefore, Comcast recommends changing the Admin Tool password to further secure your home network. Steps to achieve this are outlined below.

  • Default username (case sensitive): admin
  • Default password (case sensitive): password

Note: The username and password that you will use to log in to the Admin Tool is not the same as the WiFi name and password that you use to access your wireless network.

If you have an xFi Gateway, you can access most of your settings and preferences created in the Admin Tool from anywhere with the xFi web portal and mobile app. You do not need to be on a device that is connected to your Wireless Gateway. Once you log in to xFi and adjust your settings and preferences, you’ll be unable to manage certain settings from the Admin Tool. xFi will be your go-to destination for managing your home network settings going forward.