Manage and Remove Registered XFINITY WiFi Devices

As an XFINITY Internet subscriber, you have access to XFINITY WiFi hotspots nationwide so you can stay connected on-the-go at no additional charge. You can register up to 20 devices on your account to access XFINITY WiFi hotspots, but that number may vary based on your tier of service.

To remove or rename the devices with access to WiFi hotspots, visit and sign in to your account.

For instructions on how to manage devices through our WiFi portal. Learn more about registered XFINITY WiFi devices management.

Note: Only primary users or a secondary user with bill pay privileges can manage registered devices.

How to Remove or Rename Registered Devices

To remove or rename a device registered to access XFINITY WiFi hotspots, sign in to My Account and click the Settings tab. From the Settings page, click Internet on the left panel, and then click Edit next to Manage devices for hotspot access.

Click Rename to edit your device name.

Click Remove to remove your device from the list of registered devices and make room for another. A confirmation message will appear.

To register a device for access, just sign in to the xfinitywifi network on your device. If it’s your first time accessing an XFINITY WiFi hotspot on the device, you’ll be asked to sign in to your XFINITY account.

How to Connect a Wireless Printer

Connecting a wireless printer to WiFi offers the convenience of printing from any connected device in your home network. This article explains how to connect your wireless printer to your wireless network. Before you start, make sure you know your WiFi network name and password. For instructions on how to locate your WiFi credentials, check out how to find or change your WiFi password.

Connect Your Wireless Printer

  1. Access your printer’s control panel.
  2. Select the Setup option, which typically appears as a wrench icon.
  3. Select the Network menu.
  4. Printers often have a Wireless Setup Wizard that lists the WiFi networks in your area. Select your WiFi Network Name(also called an SSID). If your wireless network is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the list and enter your WiFi Network Name and Password.
  5. If the connection is unsuccessful, try printing a wireless network test report to troubleshoot the issue.

Additional Tips

Many printers are not WiFi-capable, so please refer to your printer’s user guide if you are unsure of its features.

When setting up a WiFi-capable printer for your home network, you may need help opening or unblocking certain ports on your wireless gateway. See Port Forwarding on the XFINITY Wireless Gateway and Port Triggering on the XFINITY Wireless Gatewayfor more information.

For additional tips on connecting and staying connected to your in-home WiFi network, check out Troubleshoot Your XFINITY Internet Connection.

Specific equipment instructions may vary based on the manufacturer. For more detailed instructions, please refer to your wireless printer’s user manual.