Graduation Scrapbook Tips For A High School Scrapbook Album

Did your child finish high school this year? High school for four years seem to pass by so quickly. Wasn’t it only yesterday that students started kindergarten? They’ll soon be heading into college by the this fall. Do not forget to preserve your child’s high-school memory of graduation by creating an album of their graduation.

You might already have a book of scrapbooking for the child but the memories of high school graduation could fill an entire scrapbook. You can dedicate one album to this special event. It doesn’t have to be huge but one that is able accommodate professional portraits is crucial if you intend to include sittings for senior photos.

Senior pictures are generally taken during in the summer prior to the beginning of the start of a student’s senior year. However, they are worthy of an entry in the graduation album. Make use of your most loved image or one you found in the yearbook for high school to create your graduation scrapbook’s name page.

There are a myriad of things that you can put in a scrapbook of your graduation. Keep an image of the announcement your child made at graduation and put it on the page. Make sure you include cards and letters from your friends and relatives, particularly ones with advice for graduation. Write an essay to your child expressing your hopes and hopes regarding their future. Include the suggestions you wish you’d have received when you finished your education.

Note any prizes or honors your child will be receiving during the graduation ceremony. Design layouts on the page to highlight these achievements. It is possible including the official certificates or create copies.

If your child is preparing to give an address during the ceremony, make images of him practicing the speech. You could also save the draft or notes and save them to an album page.

Did your local paper cover your graduation? Print copies of these stories to add to your scrapbook. Newspaper fades quickly. Therefore, you should create photocopies. If you have included an announcement to celebrate your achievement in your paper, you can include this in the same manner.

There are a lot of pictures to take during graduation ceremonies. Create a list of pictures you’d like to capture prior to the ceremony. Make sure to include photos of your child’s classmates, family members and friends.
Include school mementos and other high school memories in your scrapbook album. The layout on one page should include the graduation ceremony’s program. Scrapbook two copies on each page that show both the interior and cover as much as is possible.

Don’t forget to save high school mementos like the graduation program ceremony. Keep at minimum two copies for be used on a scrapbook of your graduation page. You can use it to show the cover as well as an inside page of your program.

Fun candid photos are a great way to capture graduation parties. Take a camera to your child whenever you attend graduation celebrations. Make plans to share photos with your child’s peers and family members. This way, you’ll have plenty candid pictures to pick from for your graduation photo album.

Include an image of your child’s final transcript or report card. A great addition to your scrapbooking page is the copy of the acceptance letter to college which he was given by the college which he is planning to attend.

To finish off the last page of your graduation scrapbook Create a unique page layout with a photo of your child’s departure to college. It is possible to place an image of your child’s first day of kindergarten beside the graduation photo.

It’s easy to design an album of graduation photos. It’ll soon become an important family heirloom. Be simple and remember that the most important thing to do is document the special day of your graduate.